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If you've found yourself here you're probably looking for at least one of these three things. 

INSPIRATION - You know you're not living your best life but struggling to believe in another vision. 

EDUCATION - You may have the inspiration but you're looking for the know how. 

MOTIVATION - You know what to do but you just don't do it. 

We cover all three. 

"For a long time I used the phrase 'I know what to do, I just don't do it'. I think a lot of people do. I just used it waaaay too much. Working with Stephen was different as I learned more about my motivation, staying engaged and thinking about my long term lifestyle. I'm finally in a place where I actually feel like health and fitness is just part of who I am rather than something I have to stress about doing. The 'penny' finally dropped (haha), Stephen thank you."  

- Penny Williamson



Our metabolism-boosting, fat-burning training programs are thoughtfully crafted to be suitable for all fitness levels, utilising high-intensity exercises and targeted workouts to optimise calorie burn, enhance energy expenditure, and accelerate weight loss.


Our guided Breath-work and meditations are designed to promote body/mind optimisation, catering to all experience levels, and fostering a harmonious balance between mental clarity, physical well-being, and overall mindfulness.


Our Community Coaching platform provides a nurturing space where you can both give and receive support creating a strong sense of belonging and collective growth within the community. It's a space designed to empower individuals to achieve their goals, connect with like-minded peers, and experience the journey of personal development together. I'll also be in the group each week answering questions and generally keeping everyone moving forward in their own journey. 


Our regular Masterclasses offer a diverse range of topics, from effective weight loss solutions to confidence building and human optimisation, providing participants with valuable insights, expert guidance, and practical strategies to enhance their well-being, achieve their goals, and unlock their full potential in various aspects of life. Our next Live Masterclass will be Motivation Momentum. You can read more about that here 


Our Goal Tracking feature on the app allows users to set, monitor, and celebrate their progress towards achieving personal objectives, providing a seamless and organised way to stay motivated and accountable throughout their journey of self-improvement.


To celebrate the launch of the One Clan App I've decided to give you two free gifts *limited time offer*


My nutritional principles and philosophies condensed down into an easily digestible and actionable ebook. This has been my playbook for almost two decades . I've tweaked and changed it and even rebranded it now for One Clan but these simple principles have served me and my clients well over the years. 

This eBook is normally reserved for my private clients and members of bigger programs but when you sign up for the App I'll pop a copy of this in an email as my welcome gift to you. 


Your breath is an extremely powerful yet underutilised tool for allowing your conscious mind to navigate your subconscious patterns.

When you are able to connect with your habits and behaviours you can guide them on a path of YOUR choosing. This transforms how you navigate through life.

In this 6-phase program you'll gain first-hand experience in creating more peace in your life through regulating your nervous system better. You'll also learn how the power of your breath can guide your awareness to your deeper motivations and blocks. 

Breath Alchemy was normally £297 but this program will also be added to your account when you join the One Clan App today.

"The training has been a little different to what I'm used to but really simple to follow and my body has noticed the change. 7lbs down already. I'm also prioritising wholesome interactions more than scrolling on social media so mentally I feel much stronger too  Thank you" 

- Fraser

"I love the guided meditation and breath-work. I look forward to doing them every day because it sets me up for the day. My daughter told me that she likes this 'new mummy' I have become. I cried but tears of happiness." 

- Beth


Hello and welcome.

I'm Stephen Clarke...

I'm a Father, weight loss specialist, confidence coach, Author and TV presenter and I work with clients on 5 continents.

I've been lucky enough to share the screen with British TV royalty Joanna Lumley and to answer the question I get the most - Yes, she's even lovelier in real life.

If you follow me on social media at all you'll know I love the outdoors which I explore with my best friend - my dog Tilli Pups. (Her name is Tilli but we've always added the 'Pups' since she was tiny and it stuck)

My superpower is my passion for people. Because when you thrive you become a powerful catalyst for positive change, shaping a better world for our children to inherit. We Are One Clan. All living beings, throughout all time.

My mission is to remind 1,000,000 people of their innate wisdom and natural ability to thrive through Movement, Nature, Community and Purpose.