Ready to Break the Repetitive Cycles Keeping You Stuck and Reprogram Your Life?

Let us introduce you to Break The Loop

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"Thank you both for sharing this. I appreciate the time and effort you both obviously put into making the sessions both informative and thought provoking. I’m feeling positive and happy having made their decision to invest in myself and becoming one of your clan.

- Break The Loop attendee. 

This Experience Is For You If

You find yourself stuck in repetitive negative cycles where history repeats itself. 

Maybe you've seen your relationships, health, business or career suffer because of negative patterns and behaviours you can't seem to escape.

Maybe anxiety and confusion are holding you back from reaching your potential. 

Do you sense your spiritual potential yet the chains of negativity and programming block you from fully embracing it?

Are you stuck in a rut?

In Spiritual-Physical Programming™ we call this 'Looping'...

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Over 3 days we'll show you exactly how to hack the 'Loop'. 

We'll explore how your thoughts shape your world and how to harness this understanding to create a life of limitless possibilities. 

You'll leave feeling empowered, equipped and ready to 'break the loop', redirect your focus and completely reshape your reality. 

We'll share what we've learnt from a combined 5 decades of self-development and spiritual practise and you can experience first hand our groundbreaking method Spiritual-Physical Programming™. It combines neuroplasticity and psychology, with embodiment practices and energetics while using science-based spirituality to create real tangible results so you can break the Loop.

This method is completely unique in the world and you can only learn it here.

"Thank you to both you and Stephen for your time and energy. The last few days has been a real eye opener and I believe there is so light at the end of the tunnel. Your H.E.A.L program sounds amazing. I would love to continue working with you both. You have so much to give. Thank you.

Break The Loop attendee.

What Would It Feel Like To:

Know how to hack your neural pathways, biology and energy field to redirect how you experience life.
Know how to shift from reacting to life, to creating it. 
Regain clarity and control.
Unlock your untapped spiritual potential.
Break free from negative cycles, so you can create a more beautiful world for you and your family.  
Know exactly how to accelerate your healing and reprogram your life.

Unless you learn how to break the loop, history will repeat itself and you will remain stuck.

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Reprogramming your life begins with hacking the loop that's keeping you stuck so that you can shape your reality to create a life you love.

In case you've just found us

We're Gemma Nealon and Stephen Clarke, two highly experienced international coaches. Working with us together you will benefit from our unique partnership of Life Coach and Psychotherapist, Embodiment Coach and Mind Wizard, Masculine and Feminine.

It's nice to meet you.

You're likely an over-giver. You're a spiritual soul but struggling to fully embrace your potential. You know you're on the verge of a breakthrough and you can almost smell your new reality.

But there's something missing and you can't do it alone.

Breaking The Loop is the doorway to your new reality. 

What you can expect

Day 1

Understand the Imagination:Reality Loop, how it's been shaping your life so far and how it will continue to guide your life moving forward. 

Day 2

Learn how to identify your own deep seated Imagination:Reality Loops keeping you in negative, repetitive cycles. 

Day 3

Discover how to consciously and consistently break your loop and reprogram your nervous system to bring more of what you want in life through Spiritual-Physical Programming™.

Do you want to learn how to Break the loop and reprogram your life? 

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"I just want to say a big thank you to both Gemma and Stephen. Amazing three days. What I really love is I really feel you’re coming from your full open hearts and authentic selves, this is really inspiring. And it gave me hope that there’s still a possibility for a better world and life.  Also that there’s a possibility for me. Thank you for being you." 

Break The Loop attendee.

Now is the time to face your negative patterns, Break your loop and create the life you know you are capable of

Sign Up NOW only £44

"Thank you both SO much for today. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I hadn’t expected to get so much from this already. I was journaling away as soon as we came out of the call."

"I’d like to thank Stephen & Gemma for offering the 3-day course. For the first time in a while, I not only feel happier but capable of meeting life’s challenges."

"The program helped me identify all the loops, so many!! LOL, and how to improve mindset. Also, that there is a way to break the loops and recreate better ones."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the breaking the loop sessions. I really enjoyed them and got so much clarity out of it."