Post dieting, A staggering 83% of people regain more weight than they lost.

The oNLY reason you still feel Overweight & Unattractive after all these years and the oNE secret that will change that forever

This FREE masterclass is for anyone plagued with body Issues who wants to Understand Themselves once and for all so that they can live powerfully and unapologetically..







10:00 AM


"We're excited to connect with you on Zoom for this Masterclass. Your future self will thank you for attending this one. 

Stephen and Gemma

Thursday, 20 July 2023

About 1 Hour


Imagine a life where you exude a magnetic presence, where your every move resonates with conviction and authenticity.

We've been helping people just like you for over two decades and if you're ready to help yourself we've got your back. 

This Free masterclass is for you if...

Your self-doubt feels like an invisible cocoon keeping you from experiencing your life fully.
Your lack of confidence often sees opportunities pass you by.
You know you should have more success in life than you are currently experiencing.
Anxiety is ever present meaning your output is always diminished.
You bottle up your feelings for fear of how they will make others react.  
You're tired of being overlooked and you're ready to step into your power. 

During this masterclass you will discover...

The three most common mistakes that are keeping you stuck in self-doubt.
How self-confidence can be the single most powerful character trait that will change your whole life. 
How to increase your confidence at YOUR pace. 
The 'Curiously Confident' cheat code.
How to quieten your inner critic and give space for the real you to grow.  

Meet your mentors

Gemma Nealon

Edinburgh, Scotland

Referred to as the ‘Mind Wizard’, Gemma Nealon
is a therapist, birth educator and mother. Having invested heavily in her own healing, wellbeing and professional development, she truly understands the value of physical and mental health. Her methods and approach, in all of her work, aims to unify the mind, body and heart.

She is regularly invited to guest lecture to health professionals and contribute to national radio and news programs about resilience and trauma, stress, wellbeing, birth and meditation.

Stephen Clarke

Perth, Scotland

Stephen is an International Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Breath Coach and Father. For almost two decades he has worked extensively with clients in weight loss, health and happiness. 

His transformational work in Scotland and Online has seen Stephen have his own TV show, Secret Body, on BBC Scotland, becoming a published author with The Kilted Coaches - How to Stick to the Damn Plan and works with clients on 5 continents. 

This exclusive masterclass is one of a kind bringing two high-impact mentors from different areas of expertise into one powerful common objective - to empower YOU to embrace your fullest potential. 

Don't miss out on what is shaping up to be a truly powerful experience for all who attend. 

Living the life you know you are capable of means moving into your discomforts, pushing your boundaries and expanding into your greatness.

Throughout your life you will be presented with many doors on life's corridor but it's you that must make the decision to walk through them or not. This Masterclass is one of those doors.


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“I feel calmer, stronger, more capable. I hadn’t realised how unhappy I was when I woke up in the morning until that was taken away. It really worked well for me. I hadn’t expected the results to be so instant- but if I’d known that in advance I don’t think it would have changed anything, except maybe made me more anxious in case it didn’t work. Thank you so much for helping- it has been a game changer for me”


I was looking for something that would provide direction for the future that was beginning to emerge. I wasn’t disappointed! The program content is both strong and sensitive. It offers significant challenges and meaningful affirmations. By the end I was more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit than I had been in years and looking forward to getting even better"