For Those who... Know What to do but just don't do it. 

The 90 minute masterclass that connects you with your passion and purpose and unlocks your drive to thrive

Thursday September 7th







10:00 AM


Block off a little time for yourself, make yourself a cup of tea and I'll see you over on zoom.   


Thursday, 7th September 2023

About 90 minutes

This masterclass is for you if...

You struggle to overcome obstacles leading to a sense of stagnation in your personal and professional pursuits. 
You battle with procrastination resulting in missed opportunities and delayed accomplishments.
You have a lack of belief in your abilities causing you to doubt yourself, your decisions and hindering your self-esteem.
The negative impact of setbacks not only derails your progress but can demolish your happiness too.
Your lack of engagement and motivation means your current life experience is well below what you know you're capable of.
You feel confused and uncertain about your goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

During this 90 minute masterclass you will...

Learn why most people know what they should be doing but just don't do it. 
Understand your motives and drawbacks while mapping out your personal motivation strategy.  
Transform your brain from 'Drug Dealer' keeping you stuck in a rut to a solid friend and voice of reason, resilience and resonance.
Uncover your emotional triggers that ignite and sustain motivation.
Break your barriers of self-doubt and procrastination.
Unlock your Drive to Thrive and learn the system for repeating this for any area of your life.  

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Meet your Host

Hello and welcome. 

I'm Stephen Clarke...

...and if you're feeling deflated, stagnant and experiencing a life less than you know you're capable of then you're in the right place. 

I'm a Father, weight loss specialist, confidence coach, Author and TV presenter and I work with clients on 5 continents.

I've been lucky enough to share the screen with British TV royalty Joanna Lumley and to answer the question I get the most - Yes, she's even lovelier in real life.

If you follow me on social media at all you'll know I love the outdoors which I explore with my best friend - my dog Tilli Pups. (Her name is Tilli but we've always added the 'Pups' since she was tiny and it stuck)

My superpower is my passion for people. Because when you thrive you become a powerful catalyst for positive change, shaping a better world for our children to inherit. We Are One Clan. All living beings, throughout all time. 

My mission is to remind 1,000,000 people of their innate wisdom and natural ability to thrive through Movement, Nature, Community and Purpose. 

Stephen Clarke has been featured in

"I'm still so so grateful for our chance meeting and random conversation Stephen. It put me on a path that I otherwise would never have seen and it's changed my life. 21lbs down in past 3 months and it's not stopping yet."


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