My husband Chris decided to join me and we did it together.  The positive changes that have happened for us as individuals and as a family have been amazing.  Mentally we are in a completely different far better place which has led to unbelievable physical benefits. Without making any other changes my weight has decreased, I am happier and I am trying new things that I never would have considered before.  We are both calmer with the kids, which is making for a happier family life.  

Thank you Stephen for putting this programme together.  It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  A real game changer! 

Lorinda, Now living more FULLY


The Youfully Academy evolves around optimising your body:mind relationship inspiring a deep seed of change in your health and happiness.

You've likely found yourself here because you feel your health and happiness has been limited in some way.

Maybe you're overworked and burnt out with the stresses of business and it's effecting your health and relationships. Or maybe you've found yourself overweight, lethargic and losing track of who you really are.

Your limitations are unique to you because they have been learned over your whole life. Your beliefs, values, relationships and environment have shaped you into what you see in the mirror every day and more importantly.... how you see yourself when your eyes are closed.

You want more health and happiness in your life?..... Unlearn your limits!


When you join the Youfully Academy you will be invited to schedule a 1:1 Strategy Call with me, Coach Stephen.  This gives us the opportunity to connect and understand how your personal transformation will begin to unfold.  It also has the added benefit of settling any nerves and gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have.

You will have instant access to all of our online programs so this call will also help you get the most out of your membership.

Our programs include:

Your highest potential exists within you but most people spend too long looking outward to notice.

Our Personal Empowerment Coaching program, YOUFULLY gives you the tools and direction for looking inward, connecting with the real you and highlighting anything that is in the way of you experiencing your true potential.

Youfully aims to inspire a deep seed of change in the ways you live your life in mind, body and spirit.

Your breath is an extremely powerful yet underutilised tool for allowing your conscious mind to navigate your subconscious patterns.

When you are able to connect with your habits and behaviours you can guide them on a path of  YOUR choosing. This transforms how you navigate through life.

In this 6-phase program you'll gain first-hand experience in creating more peace in your life through regulating your nervous system better. You'll also learn how the power of your breath can guide your awareness to your deeper motivations and blocks.

Mindful Muscle is a 6-phase bodyweight training program combined with mindfulness and includes three different training philosophies.

Re-alignment, Warrior Within and Embodied Confidence.

This gives you a well rounded approach to your exercise practice and invites more mindfulness into your body. After just 6 weeks you'll feel more connected to your body, in alignment with who you really are and with the confidence to live life on YOUR terms.

We've mapped out an easy to understand Nutrition Guide ebook for you to read at your leisure and apply instantly.

Your nutrition will be explored throughout your membership but this ebook will give you a firm understanding of a balanced and effective diet.


Live Coaching & Community


    Each week you are invited to Join Coach Stephen for live and interactive coaching sessions uncovering what it means to really know yourself intimately, show yourself to the world and grow yourself into what you know you are capable of.



    You are invited to share your experiences, ask questions and connect with others from around the world who are all on a journey to living fully in body and mind. We are the average of the people we spend most time with whether that is in our physical space or simply in our hearts and minds. The Youfully community instantly upgrades this aspect of your development.



    Although the Youfully Academy revolves around the community and group interaction you also have have direct access to Coach Stephen when you need it. Real transformation requires real work and it can get uncomfortable at times.

    So whatever you have going on in your life and whatever hurdles you are facing you'll have the direct support and accountability whenever you need it.


    "Your life is the harvest from the seeds that were planted yesterday. All you can do today is plant new seeds."

    If you're committed to your personal empowerment and transformation I'd like to invite you to join our Youfully Academy today.


    • 1:1 Transformation call with Coach Stephen (Normally £250)
    • YOUFULLY 6-Phase personal exploration and empowerment program. (Normally £497)
    • Mindful Muscle 6-week fitness program (Normally £97 + monthly)
    • Breath Alchemy Program & Guided Meditations (Normally £297 + monthly )
    • Live Coaching via zoom. Monday and Wednesday's (Normally £97/month)
    • Personal access to Coach Stephen (Normally £250/month)
    • YOUFULLY Interactive Community for support and accountability (Normally £47/month)

    TOTAL VALUE OF £1535

    Join today for just £88/month

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    "There's no better time to recreate yourself than right now. You are forever being moulded by that inner voice and the environment you create for yourself so decide what is important to you, what you allow to influence you and live a life you love"

    • "I am already seeing so many changes. It’s mind blowing to me that a simple question that I was afraid to ask has turned into an exploration of self that I had no clue I had to go through and I realise now I had to go through this and now I am so much stronger and so much better for it. Thank you."
      Juan Previous Client
    • I trusted Stephen because he seems to lead by example. I guess I always knew there was more to life than how much money I was making or how much I could squat. Stephen's coaching really has changed my life and that gratitude not only comes from me but from my partner too. I'm way more present, healthier and happier than I've ever been. Thanks Coach.
      Tammy Previous Client
    • "My increased Focus, Energy and Confidence have impacted pretty much all areas of my life. I've found more passion in my business, my relationship with my partner is better than ever and I just feel so much fresher and more clear about everything. Can't recommend Stephen enough"
      Stuart Previous Client
    • Absolutely love it.  It's a game changer.  I came into this knowing there was something missing but couldn't work out what. I had lost my purpose in life, become complacent and static. The group instantly became a place that felt safe and supported under your calm, funny and insightful lessons Stephen.  The courses are well structured without being rigid but best of all it was fun so that I looked forward to every post. I have gained so much insight into why I was dissatisfied with life.  I have uncovered that part of me I knew was there but couldn't access; that essence of who I am that has been undiscovered.  Found it!
      Anna Living Fully


    I've committed to a year of Identity Shifting, Soul Pathfinding, Vision Questing, Heart Expanding, Mind Opening, Consciousness Altering, Potential Embracing Adventure.

    Well.... I say a year. But will I ever stop? I doubt it!

    As I continue down this road of self exploration and seeing what's really possible for me I invite you to join me with my weekly 'Wee Insights' email.

    See you over in email.