Manfully is for those of us who recognise that a strong body must also be flexible, balanced and grounded.

Who acknowledge that our driven mind must also be soft, open and receptive.

For those among us who understand that a powerful heart must also recognise its vulnerabilities and thrive through them.

More importantly, Manfully is for those of us who realise that above all else that our body, mind, heart and soul are intimately connected, that it's all one and the same thing...

...and that when we live in alignment with this truth, individually and collectively, we become far greater than the sum of our parts.

We focus our coaching on 4 main areas. These are:


Everything you do affects everything else you do. Your life is not a series of isolated actions, events and experiences. It’s a complex, inter-connected mesh of existence and simply accepting this truth is your first step to weaving together a more beautiful, powerful and successful life.

This can be experienced in the most subtle of ways such as the shoes you choose to wear (or whether you even wear shoes) and the ongoing energetic effect it will have on you each day. It can also be experienced in not-so-subtle ways such as your nutritional habits and sleep patterns and the impact that has on your energy, cognitive ability, emotional state and physical well-being.

Stay mindful in all you do and live fully.



Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual

The Manfully philosophies and training are rooted in practices that go back thousands of years but for them to impact our life we must EXPERIENCE and FEEL the truth within us.

Nothing embodies this quite so quickly and effectively as manipulating our breath to achieve different physical, mental and emotional states.

It's been said that your subconscious is responsible for 95% of your life and your breath is an extremely powerful yet underutilised tool for allowing your conscious mind to connect with these automatic habits and behaviours and guide them on a path of YOUR choosing. 

Live each day on purpose through the power of your breath.


Mobility - Strength - Power - Flow 

Muscles aren’t designed to work in isolation yet this is what most men do when lifting weights. (I know because I used to be one of them).

When you consider that our muscles are designed to work in harmony with each other through different body positions and movements it makes more sense to focus on functional, natural movement patterns and to let our muscles take care of themselves.

Our training programs have been created around a series of fundamental principles to build more mobility, strength, power and flow combined with conscious breathing and mindfulness to MOVE FULLY

Forget body confidence and start your journey of embodied confidence.


What does it mean to be a man? 

The answer to that question is for you to explore but I have come to understand a certain truth.

That no man needs to learn how to be a man. 

This is our natural state already present within each of us. Instead, we are invited to UNLEARN the habits and behaviours that keep us stuck in the same patterns, that keep us playing small, that hinder our growth, that keep us from experiencing our true potential.

Through thought provoking philosophy and powerful lifestyle practices we can find a sense of peace even in the most challenging of circumstances and step forward into our purpose with confidence and conviction.

The mature masculine is connected to his whole being. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. It's often when there is disconnect or conflict within ourselves that it can manifest into disconnect or conflict in our lives too.

An open mind and an open heart can help you recreate your relationships, re-imagine your purpose and remember who you really are. Combine this with the support, accountability and creative power of a community of like-minded men and you’ll see your happiness and success grow exponentially.

When an individual grows, the community grows. When the community grows, ALL of the individuals grow.

A rising tide lifts all ships. 


If you are serious about changing your life and willing to get physically, mentally and emotionally uncomfortable I'd like to invite you to our RECLAMATION program.


  • "I am already seeing so many changes. It’s mind blowing to me that a simple question that I was afraid to ask has turned into an exploration of self that I had no clue I had to go through and I realise now I had to go through this and now I am so much stronger and so much better for it. Thank you."
    Juan Previous Client
  • I trusted Stephen because he seems to lead by example. I guess I always knew there was more to life than how much money I was making or how much I could squat. Stephen's coaching really has changed my life and that gratitude not only comes from me but from my partner too. I'm way more present, healthier and happier than I've ever been. Thanks Coach.
    Tommy Previous Client
  • "My increased Focus, Energy and Confidence have impacted pretty much all areas of my life. I've found more passion in my business, my relationship with my partner is better than ever and I just feel so much fresher and more clear about everything. Can't recommend Stephen enough"
    Stuart Previous Client