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Upon signing up you'll get instant access to the community in the App meaning it's much easier to communicate with me for support or to ask any questions you have. 

Please Note:

If you get an 'Email has already been taken' message when signing up click 'Sign In' instead. You are already a member on the software system either through One Clan or another App that uses the same software. Simply sign in with your current email and password you use to sign in and you'll be taken to the Elemental Reset Sign Up page.

If you have any issues at all please don't hesitate to email stephen@weareoneclan.com or if you're on social media you can drop me a message there.


Breath Alchemy - 6-week empowerment program - Normally £297

B-Fit Workouts (Updated every month) - Normally £49/month

Monthly Live Masterclasses with Q&A - Normally £49/month

Guided Meditations (Updated every month) - Normally £30 per meditation

In App Community for support

All of this is yours today with a total value of £425+

Sign up today for just £8/month

When Are The Live Masterclasses And What If The Times Don't Suit?

The days and times of the masterclasses will vary each month in the aim of accommodating different time zones.

If any given time is not convenient for you please don't worry. Every masterclass is recorded and will always remain available to watch at your convenience.

Do I Need Any Equipment For The Training?

The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is that we LOVE kettlebell training for it's versatility, effectiveness and fun. So yes, some of our workouts include kettlebells but you can absolutely still get fit without them.

How Can I Get More Focussed Time With Coach Stephen?

I will be in the App community regularly and welcome the chance to interact with you and learn how I can serve you best.

However there are other opportunities to invest a little more of your time, energy, emotions and finances if you are ready to delve deeper into your personal development. We have larger programs throughout the year which are also all gateways into our more personal mentorship. This gives you personal contact with Coach Stephen and more personalised coaching to create a bigger impact in your life.

One Clan App members will be first to know when these programs are available

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