Spiritual-Physical Programming™

Accelerate Your Healing.
Reprogram Your Life.

Gemma and Stephen invite you to H.E.A.L. 

A transformative and healing 6-month program of self-discovery and complete personal reality upgrade.

Leveraging their extensive knowledge in mind-body wellness you will delve deeply into...


Warning: This program is not for you if…

You’re not willing to get out of victim mindset

You’re not willing to get uncomfortable and take responsibility for your own BS

You’re not willing to make changes to your life-style

You want a quick fix and are not willing to be consistent

You’re not willing to invest in your physical and mental wellbeing

You think spirituality is whole lot of woo woo and you’re not interested in exploring it

You tend to take more than you give

You think you don’t have any healing to do

You choose comfort over growth

But You’re In The Right Place If...

You are weary and ready to let go of the past
You’re a giver by nature but you’re now ready to receive
You’re ready to explore your spiritual potential
You’re tired of doing it alone and you’re ready to be held by community
You know what you want to feel but you feel stuck in a loop and you don’t know how to break the cycle
You recognise that the only way to change the world is to change yourself
You’re ready to prioritise and invest in your own physical and mental wellbeing
You’re willing to face uncomfortable truths about yourself
You are willing to take radical responsibility for your own peace and happiness
You have the courage to heal and evolve

Can you imagine what it would be like when...

You have tools to access calm at will.
You finally feel more in control of your life than you ever have before.
You’ve got more energy and feel healthier than you knew was possible.
You’re living a life you love
You feel proud of yourself and you know your purpose
You are hopeful about the future.
You’re part of a clan of like minded souls who are deeply connected
to themselves, to each other and to mother earth.


"Having the opportunity to work with both Gemma and Stephen was one of the best decisions I have made for my well-being. They gave me the accountability and motivation I needed to do the difficult work and celebrated my successes, allowing me to feel proud of my progress. 

Gemma and Stephen bring a wealth of knowledge, valuable tools, and techniques to each session. They create a non-judgmental and safe environment where you can feel open to be vulnerable and work through deep-rooted issues. It has been a privilege to work with these two enlightened beings who are so passionate about their work and really care about the successes of their clients."



We used to be where
you are right now...

Over the last 20 years we’ve both put thousands of hours into our own personal growth and healing. We’ve trained in all the right courses that promised the world, we’ve been on the retreats and we’ve read all the right books. 

We’ve devoted ourselves to our own personal healing and evolution, but we stumbling our way through because one fundamental thing was missing.

Between us we’ve done a lot…

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming

Life Coaching

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy







Personal Training


Nutrition & Fasting



Cold Water Therapy


the list goes on…

We tried many many things but nothing truly clicked until we realised we were doing things in isolation and our approach wasn’t holistic enough. We had blind spots and were ignoring important parts of what it is to HEAL.
It wasn’t until we took a truly integrative approach that addressed our body, mind, heart and souls as one that things started to change.
As a result we both feel more connected to ourselves, to others and to mothers earth. We know who we are, we understand our path and most importantly we are hopeful about our future.
We want you to feel the same.


"I was stuck and my self esteem was in the basement.
Stephen and Gemma provided a safe space where I could come to terms with my past and make some sound decisions about how I wanted to define my life going forward. They guided me to a place where I could begin to embrace my own personal power and trust my inner voice and intuition.  

The meditations are amazing and I feel like my brain is in the process of being rewired in the most remarkable way. I am so grateful to both of these beautiful souls for sharing their unique gifts and setting me on a hopeful and positive journey."

- Kathleen


H.E.A.L uses our unique Spiritual-Physical Programming™ System to Guide you through the four pillars of Healing. 
Health, Embodiment, Alignment, Love.

Over the next six months Gemma and Stephen will welcome you in to their community and guide you through their four-step process that is H.E.AL.  Using their unique psycho-physical approach will directly target your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual self.

Never has there been a time in history where you have been so needed. It’s time for you to reclaim your power, find your purpose and remember who you are.

We need you Healthy, Embodied, living an Aligned life, in Love

We need you HEALED.

Here’s what you can expect…

1. Spiritual-Physical Programming™

Gather with us twice weekly to learn Spiritual-Physical Programming™.

During these sessions you will reprogram all aspects of your current and future self; physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. These practical sessions give equal value to both your spiritual and physical self, where you will begin to experience magical possibilities in your inner and outer world.

This unique practise calls your spiritual power in to your physical reality, using science-based techniques rooted in ancient wisdom to reprogram your life. Incorporating a powerful blend of meditation, breath work, movement practice, embodiment and sacred ritual to create a profound mind-body connection.

For some time, behind the scenes, we’ve been developing and utilising this unique method on ourselves, witnessing our lives transform in real-time.

After comprehending the extent to which society, conditioning, and our past have controlled us, we’ve reclaimed our power by creating and implementing our ground breaking method that targets and reprograms your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual self. 

In H.E.A.L, you'll learn how to direct and reprogram your subconscious, connect with spirit, and rediscover the wisdom within your body through Spiritual-Physical Programming™

Until now, we’ve kept this method a secret. But now, for the first time, we're excited to share our revolutionary method with you. 

Get ready to completely reimagine your life. 

2. 'Remembering' Coaching

Supported by Fireside Souls

Nothing to learn - All to remember!

You’re not broken and what you are experiencing in your life right now doesn’t need to be your new permanent reality. There is another way and it starts with remembering.

This journey you are about to embark on isn’t about claiming anything outwith yourself but a reclamation of who you really are.

You might even be reading this right now with no memory of who that is.

And that’s ok.  Your soul is unbroken, your spirit undying and simply awaits the space to be expressed in its entirety.

You will be inspired by science-backed knowledge and spiritual wisdom, to unravel the mysteries of personal development and healing. These calls provide you with valuable insights where you will receive clear direction and actionable steps to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles and accelerate your healing.

Each session is carefully curated by Gemma and Stephen taking you on a journey of unlearning and exploration of self. Drawing on their combined experience of more than five decades of mind and body healing and self development you will delve in to the mental, emotional and behavioural aspects of your transformation.

Consider 'Remembering' your weekly syllabus for evolution and don't miss out on this opportunity to remember who you are.

What is Fireside Souls?

For millennia, fire has been a beacon for connection, healing, and celebration. Recognising the solitary struggle many face, we created 'Fireside Souls' as part of our H.E.A.L program, to offer warmth, wisdom, and support. This initiative is a call to reclaim your flame, inviting you to join a community that gathers weekly by the fire to share, learn, and grow together.

At Fireside Souls, we discuss individual journeys, answer questions, and explore common themes, providing insights and tools for spiritual and healing integration. It's a space for loving support, encouragement, and communal celebration, designed to light your way, offer comfort in challenges, and illuminate your path towards reclaiming your flame. Join us at Fireside Souls, where you're no longer alone but part of a community committed to mutual growth and support.

4. Spiritual-Physical Programming™
MP3 Hypnosis Tracks

Heal while you rest, with eight exclusive hypnosis tracks uniquely created for each phase of H.E.A.L.

Crafted by Gemma and Stephen, these meditations capitalise on altered brainwave states to seamlessly integrate the best of binaural beats, meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis and affirmations; providing a powerful tool to positively reprogram your subconscious and rapidly heal your body and mind.

Immerse yourself in a daily fusion of hypnosis and meditation, accompanied by an additional subconscious reprogramming track for you to play as you sleep. These completely unique and powerful tracks will facilitate profound healing and accelerated transformation.

5. Direct access to Gemma and Stephen via our Telegram App community. 

While this is a comprehensive and integrative program, we've also done enough programs to know that sometimes you just want an easy place to ask simple question or off load!  Laugh together, cry together, share your struggles and celebrate your wins with your fellow clan members.

Gemma and Stephen will be active on this group Monday to Friday between 10am-5pm.

Your Investment To Reprogram Your Life:

Weekly 'Remembering' Insight Coaching with Gemma and Stephen. Value £3600 
'Fireside Souls' weekly community gathering. Value £3600
2 x Weekly Spiritual-Physical Programming 20 minute sessions. Value £1750
8 x Spiritual-Physical Programming MP3 Hypnosis Tracks. Value £1750
Unlimited access to your Telegram Group for Community Support, with Gemma and Stephen answering questions Mon-Fri. Value £900
Access to the Replays of all live sessions. Invaluable

total Value £11,600+

All of this is your today for only
or £2700

You choose your level of investment based on your financial resources.
No questions asked.

meet Gemma & Stephen

H.E.A.L has been birthed and crafted by Gemma Nealon and Stephen Clarke, two highly experienced international coaches. Working with them together you will benefit from their unique partnership of Life Coach and Psychotherapist, Embodiment Coach and Mind Wizard, Masculine and Feminine.
Gemma and Stephen now believe that to take the success of their clients to the next level they must work together.

The Vision

Gemma and Stephen have connected over their shared calling to create a more beautiful world for our children and the planet. They both believe the only way to truly make this difference is to commit to their own healing - because healed people heal.

They have a shared vision of a gathering of souls who are reconnected with themselves, with each other and with Mother Earth and remember ourselves as one big family. We are One Clan.
H.E.A.L has been birthed as a response to this call.

Gemma Nealon

Gemma is a seasoned healer and intuitive subconscious psychotherapist. She brings over two decades of expertise in revitalising the mind and body. Her distinctive approach to healing has assisted thousands of individuals in achieving newfound states of calm and healing, eliminating the need for prolonged therapy.

She specialises in guiding people through their healing journey from various fears- including PTSD, trauma, anxiety or addictions. She achieves this by directly targeting and reprogramming their belief systems, to help them create their new chosen reality fast.

Gemma's methodology is deeply rooted in a harmonious blend of meditation and hypnotherapy, NLP, holistic therapies, energy healing, and neuroscience. Enriched by extensive mind-body studies in both Asia and Scotland, her approach integrates spirituality in to every aspect of her work. Drawing from her professional experience as a trained Midwife and birth educator, Gemma inspires and empower her clients.

As the founder of two influential organisations: Positive Birth Scotland and Birth Trauma Scotland, Gemma demonstrates her commitment to transformative healing and empowerment.

Stephen Clarke

Stephen is a transformational leader, healer, teacher and coach.

With over two decades of experience and as a globally recognised mentor, Stephen’s programs and coaching offer a unique and powerful path for those courageous enough to truly transform their life.

As an experienced professional in Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Breath-Work, NLP and Life Coaching, Stephen uses his diverse background and passions for nature, embodied philosophy and the martial arts to create fully integrative and life-changing programs.

Stephen has been on a personal and entrepreneurial path of empowerment, mindset and inner mastery and has been driven by a calling to be of service for over 20 years. He is an eternal student of life leading inspirational talks, workshops and retreats. His passion and purpose in life is facilitating authentic connection, within ourselves, with each other and with our great mother.

Stephen's work has been published in many magazines across the world, he's a published author and has created a TV show for BBC Scotland called Secret Body.

Client Feedback

When I found Gemma I was in a really dark place. After searching most of my life for answers, trying a number of different therapists that didn't work, I had given up hope of ever feeling like myself again.

I am convinced what happened was magic, although Gemma calls it neuroscience. I feel completely free of my trauma, shame and I don't have the same psychological responses in my body anymore. I felt like me again, full of hope, love and compassion for myself. I can't thank her enough for the work that she does.



Client Feedback

I was given a plan of action with support and encouragement as well as accountability. Stephen gave me the grounding practices and stepping stones I needed as well as the “wee nudges” I needed to remind me that changes only happen if we participate and take action. I have made changes in all areas of my life to include moving closer to being mentally and physically healthy, leaving a job that was not working for me and my family to a better job, building better relationships with my family, and being mindful and appreciating every moment.”



You Want Peace and Calm

You have a spiritual call and desire to live in a more beautiful world.
You want to embrace your potential in life.
You want to help the people around you and truly embody all that you are.

You follow all the right ‘influencers’, you read the books
and maybe even share the odd inspirational meme.

You’ve heard that you just need to believe in yourself, do more self-care, to work with the law of attraction and to make this vision come true.


Because you’ve tried that and there is still something missing.

You’re pouring from an empty cup,
You’ve been going round in circles.
You’re doing it alone.

You’re not bringing all of the elements together to truly heal from your conditioning and let your light be seen by the world.

Maybe you’ve done loads of yoga and cleaned up your diet, you’ve done some cold water therapy and breath-work but have you looked at your subconscious programming and ingrained belief?

Or maybe you have invested in therapy and learnt mindfulness and meditation but something stops you doing exercise and getting outdoors in nature?

You keep trying because you know you things could be different. You are searching for more but not quite finding ‘more’.

We’ve found another way to integrate it all.

Starting this spring we invite you to H.E.A.L with us.

Over six months we will guide you through the four pillars of healing-
Health, Embodiment, Alignment & Love

Using our pioneering method Spiritual-Physical Programming™ you will fast track your healing and embark on a journey of holistic mind-body metamorphosis.

You’ll learn how to call your spiritual power into your physical reality, using science-based techniques rooted in ancient wisdom.

You’ll target your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual self with precision to access and utilise your spiritual and physical self in equal measures to maximise your potential.

Your health, embodiment and alignment are vital if you want to live a life filled with love.

For those ready to truly take action...

H.E.A.L is for you.

This is unlike any program we have ever experienced in all the years we’ve explored self development, healing and spirituality.

We want to invite a group of like-minded souls into our community who are ready to reconnect with themselves, each other and Mother Earth. We want you to experience the peace and calm we know is possible in our program H.E.A.L.


Your Investment To Reprogram Your Life:

Weekly 'Remembering' Insight Coaching with Gemma and Stephen. Value £3600 
'Fireside Souls' weekly community gathering. Value £3600
2 x Weekly Spiritual-Physical Programming 20 minute sessions. Value £1750
8 x Spiritual-Physical Programming MP3 Hypnosis Tracks. Value £1750
Unlimited access to your Telegram Group for Community Support, with Gemma and Stephen answering questions Mon-Fri. Value £900
Access to the Replays of all live sessions. Invaluable

total Value £11,600+

All of this is your today for only
or £2700

You choose your level of investment based on your financial resources.
No questions asked.

Want the One-to-one vIP treatment?


This is our most intimate package available where our primary aim is to literally transform your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Includes everything from HEAL group program plus:

Experience cutting-edge, cognitive neuroscience and mental health therapy specifically tailored to you. We will target and heal all traumas you have experienced in your life
Complete belief reprogramming
Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategy
Bespoke and Progressive Personal Training Plan
Personalised and completely bespoke meditation and hypnosis tracks
Bespoke deep dive sessions each week with Gemma and/or Stephen tailored specifically for you
Private Telegram Access for on the spot coaching from Gemma and Stephen.

Has something just come up for you in a session, were you triggered? Get instant support and 1:1 coaching for real-time blocks so you can maintain your peak state. Take it straight to Gemma and Stephen for on the spot Telegram voice and video messaging coaching between your sessions Monday to Friday.

We can only accept four 'H.E.A.L VIPs' due to the high level and intimate nature of the energy exchange. 
If you'd like to be considered let us know during your application process. 

Frequently asked questions

What day and time are the live coaching sessions?

-'Remembering' -Tuesdays at 12.30-2pm

-'Fireside Souls' -Thursday at 3.30-5pm 

-Spiritual-Physical Programming sessions- Monday and Friday at 9.30-9.40am

(All specified times are given in accordance with the UK time zone)

If I miss a session can I catch up?

Absolutely! Sessions are recorded and will be available to watch on catch up shortly after each session.

Why is this program different?

Spiritual-Physical Programming™ combines neuro-plasticity and psychology, with embodiment practices and energetics while using science-based spirituality to create real tangible results.  
This method is completely unique in the world and you can only learn it here.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes.  You can choose to spread the cost over 4 payments making the financial investment more manageable for you.

What's included?

Weekly 'Remembering' Insight Coaching with Gemma and Stephen.

'Fireside Souls' weekly community gathering.

2 x Weekly Spiritual-Physical Programming™ 20 minute sessions.

8 x Spiritual-Physical Programming™ MP3 Hypnosis Tracks.

Unlimited access to your Telegram Group for Community Support, with Gemma and Stephen answering questions Mon-Fri.

Access to the Replays of all live sessions.

Assigned Accountability Parter to hold you responsible and answerable for taking action.

How much time will I require each week fo this?

We have realistically designed your daily practice to be accessible to anyone with a busy life. 

We invite you to practice a very short morning ritual, listen to your daily guided meditation (approxametly 20 minutes long) and your night time subconscious reprogramming track as you sleep. We also reccomend you practise your Spiritual-Physical Programming practise when you can during the day.

What we teach is a life-style and new way of life that will be applied to all areas of your live. We recommend creating space for yourself every day.

In addition to this you are offered twice weekly coaching calls and unlimited access to your Telegram community.

When does it start?

As soon as you sign up you'll get access to our community Telegram Group where you can ask practical question that might arise about the program.  Your Healing journey and coaching from us starts on May 1st.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of our program we do not offer a refund once the program has commenced. When you take a place on this program, you are taking a space that is no longer available to others.  We offer a 14 day cooling-off period which begins upon the date of enrolment, providing you with a two-week window to access your commitment to the program and request a refund if needed.

Spiritual-Physical Programming™


"Mentally I am in a completely different, far better place which has led to unbelievable physical benefits. Without making any other changes my weight has decreased, I am happier and I am trying new things that I never would have considered before. I'm calmer with the kids, which is making for a happier family life. Thank you Stephen for your coaching. It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. A real game changer!"




“Gemma's work was pivotal to put me back on the path of being ‘me’ and it was a life raft that I clung to in the midst of the most confusing and turbulent storm I’d ever been in. I am equally stunned and grateful that such big changes happened for me and it doesn’t bare thinking where I would be without our work. I have shouted your name from the rooftops. You have, and will, deeply change many lives. Really, truly, thank you."



We Are One Clan LTD make no warrant or guarantee that you will obtain a particular outcome or result by joining H.E.A.L. In signing up to this programme, you recognise that the results you obtain will be the product of your own efforts, your particular situation, and other circumstances beyond our control and/or knowledge. You also recognise that prior results achieved in the past do not guarantee you will achieve a similar outcome from this programme. Thus, the results obtained by our past clients are no guarantee that you will be able to obtain similar results.

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