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"It’s been really inspiring to come and do this. To meet people in the real world and some of us have never done anything like this before so we were really happy to hold hands with a stranger and walk into the cold water and just be ourselves. It was fantastic." - SHARON, Gathering participant.


In a digital age of social media, zoom calls, office cubicles and endless emails we've seen a rise in stress, overwhelm and a global mental, emotional and physical health crisis.

We have become domesticated humans and it's destroying our minds, degrading our bodies and killing our spirits.

Although we have a few different events, they can all be categorised as Humans being Human.

Are you ready for the next step in your evolution? 

Our events are designed to help you connect deeply with YOURSELF, with OTHERS, with our EARTH. To awaken your body, to open your mind and ignite your spirit.

Tailored corporate/team events

Looking for something a little different for your team? Let's talk about how we can get your team out of their comfort zone, the place where all creativity waits. 

Motivational/Public Speaking

Got an event you're hosting and would like Coach Stephen along to talk or guide some sessions? Get in touch. 

Two and Three day retreats

We're teaming up with some amazing practitioners and venues this year and we can't wait to welcome you to one of our residential retreats. 

One day events

Events such our move, breathe and swim events or if you want to get clear on your path in life then you might want to consider our Mind Hike event. More details on these will be available soon. 

We'll have our booking form up here soon for all upcoming events and retreats.
If you would like to discuss tailoring an event for your team you can do so here.

Please reach out to discuss arranging your own event. 

Stephen clarke

APRIL 22ND 2023

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