Being a Coach


I am there to help guide, mentor, support, encourage, praise and ask difficult questions.

I’m NOT here to bark orders, to be dogmatic or impose my own beliefs on others.

True change takes time and ultimately it comes from within. If you feel you need motivation from someone or something else you will spend your entire life looking for the next ‘thing’ to motivate you.

Look inwards not outwards for your motivation and when you find it you’ll never have to look again.

The coaching process can help unlock that underlying motivation but ONLY if you are willing to engage with the process.

You are never too old or too young to get a coach. The oldest client I have ever coached was 73 and this is a photo of my son Argyll (2) with his Rugby Nippers coach James.


Argyll loves going to these Rugby classes and there are many lessons that he learns while there but the main thing I emphasise to him is listening to and respecting his coach.

We can all learn lessons from children. We aren’t born with ego and a child is never scared to ask for help.

There are two things we develop as we get older that hold most people back and prevent them from making long-term change.

1. Lack of belief.
If you believe you are who you are and nothing will change that. When you don’t believe you can change, when you think hard work never pays off, subconsciously your mind thinks “what’s the point?” and you will fall prey to regular self-sabotage.

2. Ego.
At our PT studio it all starts with one phrase.

“Leave your ego at the door”

Whether you’re in training or being coached through your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset we need you to open up, be 100% honest and never be scared to be vulnerable. It’s only when you put all your cards on the table that you can start to navigate your way through your problems. (and we all have problems)

When you fully understand where you are physically, mentally and emotionally then, and only then, can you create a true path to achieve your goals.