The Benefits of Weight Training.

Here at PTX Fitness in Perth, Scotland, we believe in a whole approach to training all of our clients. We understand the benefits of weight training, therefore this will always be an element of our clients routines.

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So what are the benefits of resistance, also know as weight training? There are so many benefits to resistance training, so it’s well-worth including elements of this in your weekly fitness regime. Here are some points which in our opinion makes resistance training beneficial and therefore get you more results!

Weight Training and Strength

Firstly, you’ll be stronger! it’s no surprise that by pushing your muscles, they’ll become stronger. Therefore resistance training is a fantastic way to increase your ability to lift, push and pull more weight.

Secondly, better bone density! There are many concerns these days about developing bone issues such as osteoporosis. This can become more common as people age, however resistance training can help. In the same way as building muscle, it can improve the strength of your bones.

personal training session including weight loss and toning
Personal Training session at PTX Fitness in Perth Scotland

Weight Training for Toning

Toned muscles! if there’s any part of your body you’d like to make leaner, toned or stronger. Resistance training is an excellent way to hone in on key areas. Plus, it can help to address any muscle imbalance.

Weight Training and Your Health

Decreased risk of heart disease! As with many different kinds of fitness, resistance training can help lower blood pressure. It can also lower body fat, improve cholesterol and therefore prevent too much pressure being placed on your heart.

Slow rate of muscle atrophy! as we get older we’re more likely to see age-related muscle decline (sarcopenia). Keeping your muscles strong and regularly working on improving them can therefore help reduce the risks of muscle problems as the years go by.

Check out this article written by Don Rauf regarding the health benefits of resistance training.


Mental boost/endorphin release, so strength exercise is a fantastic way of boosting your mood! By goal setting and achieving set targets, your confidence and happiness will begin to shine through. In other words, you will really begin to feel the benefits of your training!

Most importantly resistance training contributes significantly to fat loss! So in conclusion, if you wish to be stronger, healthier, tone up and lose weight. Then including an element of resistance training in your programme is a must.

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