Get Fit and Lose Weight in 1 Hour/Week (3 x 20 minutes)

It’s ok I get it. You’re too busy to exercise or should I say, its just not one of your priorities. Because really, when we analyse things everyone could have time to exercise but it would come at the expense of something else.

But that is with conventional thinking about normal training methods and what the industry will have you believe. And you can see why. It’s fair to say I’ve spent some time in gyms over the years and you see the same thing happening in every single one. People come in, do a little warm up then get into their session whether weight training or cardio. If you are planning on training for an hour or more then you’ll need an intensity that will allow you to last the full 60+ minutes.

This is where others get it wrong!

You see your body doesn’t respond to exercise over a certain timeframe, it responds to intensity and being pushed out of its comfort zone. If you challenge your body, you will create a training response and it’s that response that gets us fitter, stronger and leaner.

Do you need an hour to get that training response? Do you hell!

A 10-15 minute blast of intense work is more than sufficient to get your body to start adapting. 10 to 15 minutes! That’s it!

What kind of training should you do?

There are a few options here. First of all you may have heard of HIIT training. In my experience most people confuse HIIT with normal interval training. The first two letters of HIIT stand for HIGH INTENSITY. Basically what this means is you work your butt off so intensely that you can’t last any more than 20. If you can last longer than 20 seconds you aren’t working hard enough. This is usually done on an exercise bike or sprinting. 20 seconds extreme work plus 40 seconds recovery then simply repeat 10 times.

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If you are familiar with some weight training techniques you can also get the same effect from Kettlebells swings. Rather than use the 20seconds/40seconds HIIT training this program is even simpler.

Choose a heavier kettlebell than you would normally use and complete as many full swings as possible before technique failure. Rest for 1 minute then repeat for 5 sets pushing yourself to your limit each time.  Roughly 10 minutes later you will be done. Don’t underestimate these type of programmes, they are tough and require some mental discipline to really push yourself and of course remember to warm up and cool down (Hence why we say 20 minutes for the entire programme).

So the next time you feel you don’t have time to exercise just remember all you have to do it et the same workload done in a shorter period of time.

Get the intensity up, challenge your body and save bags of time.

If we can help you with any aspect of your training please get in contact for a free consultation.