HOW TO STICK TO YOUR DIET AND EXCERCISE PLANLet’s face it, anyone can eat a specific way for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. If you are serious about changing your body you must create a lasting lifestyle. There are no prizes for being perfect.

Truth be told, if you attempt to be perfect with your diet, exercise and everything else that goes along with it, ultimately you will fail.

It’s almost impossible to be perfect and sooner or later something will slip.

The question is what will you do when you slip?

Will you do what most people do when they slip and instantly allow for more slips while promising to start again on Monday?

Will you give up altogether because if you can’t stick to your plan properly then why bother at all?

‘allow for life’

Or will you do what ends in achieving targets?

Will you instantly forgive yourself and carry on with the plan where you left off?

Life is full of surprises.

There will be slip ups, there will be stressful days, there will be celebrations, boozy lunches, days when you just can’t face the gym and days when you just say “ah to heck with it” but that’s life.

Accept it happens and move on, instantly.


This is why the 90:10 is mentioned when it comes to your food selection. As long as the majority of your food is whole, natural and nutritious you can get away with 10% of a few luxuries.

But the same goes for life in general.

Going to the gym, avoiding alcohol, getting to bed on time. Yes it’s important but allow for life getting in the way.

Being fit and healthy (with a little less fat) is a way of life, not a

So start now, allow for life and smile in the knowledge that you will succeed.

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