How Workouts Can Keep You From Burnout

How Workouts Can Keep You From Burnout

Here’s how to use more exercise to feel less exhausted!

Let me guess: you know you should exercise more (and you actually want to, sometimes at least). But you don’t get round to it. Life gets in the way – organising the kids, projects at home, late work meetings. There never seems to actually be enough time to exercise as much as you should.

What if I told you that exercising a little bit more could actually help you manage things better? It’s a win/win. A bit more exercise helps you tackle stress, get more done, be more productive at work, and even sleep better. You’ll be a better colleague, boss, parent, and partner. And you’ll be doing something great for yourself.

Burnout is a real risk for business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy folk like you. It’s not something that happens to other people. Burnout can take many forms, and exists on a spectrum with nagging tiredness at one end, and breakdown at the other.

Being more active is an amazing solution. It’s free (or can be), and widely available. You just need to know how to get it done so it adds to your life, rather than bringing yet more stress.

Here’s how to do it.

1 Prioritise health & happiness

I know, I know – easier said than done. But you need to put your long term health and emotional wellbeing first. If you can’t put yourself first, then at least move yourself up the priority list a little. The fact is, you can’t be a great parent, run a business, or look forward to retirement if you don’t look after your health now. This is serious, and it’s never too late to start. Make a bit of time for yourself during the week. 3-4 30 minute blocks is enough. Plan it in to the diary, just like you do everything else. And keep those appointments with yourself. You don’t have to go to the gym (great if you can). You could power walk, do yoga, go to a class, head out for a run… Regular and consistent it what matters most.


2 Be more realistic

Are you a perfectionist? Chances are you don’t exercise much because you think it’s not enough. Something is always better than nothing. So you can’t be in the gym 5 evenings a week? So what. Who can! If you can be there 3 evenings a week – great, do it! If you can be there twice, or even once, that really is better than nothing. Lower your expectations, don’t try to be perfect, and do what you can. A walk is better than a run if the run is never going to happen. 20 minutes before work is better than an hour after work if there is no hour after work. You get the idea.


3 Make it fun

The best exercise is the one you will actually do. So make it something you look forward to. Consider something other than going running, or going to the gym. How about joining a local sports team? Or going to local trial sessions of random activities held by sports groups and clubs? What about sports with your kids? Or running with the dog? Family bike rides, or long hikes? It all counts. And if it makes you happy, then it’s good for your brain as well as your body.

4 Set goals

If you’re successful in business, you know all about setting targets and breaking them into smaller goals. Do the same for your health and fitness. This is a great strategy if you’re motivated by numbers, data, and visible progress. You could set the goal of a daily streak of meditation. Or set a target amount of gym sessions in a month. Or a weekly step goal. Whatever you choose, make sure you track it and review the data for the ultimate pat on the back.

5 Have a morning routine

I’ve put this one last, because a good morning routine starts the night before. You’ve probably heard of techniques like Miracle Morning. It doesn’t have to be that specific. But do have a morning routine. It will save you time, free up thinking space, and make you more efficient. It could even give you enough time for a walk, yoga session, or quick workout. Set out your morning routine the night before. Write it down if it helps. Set out your workout gear, walking clothes, water, and food for the day. Make it easier to succeed than it is to fail. Your brain loves habits.


These tips are designed to help make fitness, health, and wellness easier for you. A little bit more time spent on being healthy will give you strength in other areas of life. Lower your risk of burnout and be much healthier for much longer.

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