Ladies Day at the Races – Glamour, Dress Style and Workouts


Hi Ladies,

This is Stephen’s wife, Sarah here for a change. I’m a professional makeup artist, so I have a little more authority on this subject than Stephen does. We’ll be going to Ladies day ourselves, so if you see us please come and say hello. We’ll be the ones standing there scratching our heads all confused about what horse to bet on and what the hell ‘each way’ means.

But where I lack in horse racing wisdom I make up for in my fashion sense, so I wanted to share with you a quick insight for what should be a great day out.

GLAMOUR is the theme of Ladies Day at Perth Racecourse on the 18th of May.

Ladies this day means dresses and shoes, manicured nails and the right makeup to bring the whole look together and of course let’s not forget the horses.

As this event draws nearer and the excitement builds, it is also possible that the nagging pull of trepidation also rears its ugly head.

Beautiful outfits, mesmerizing makeup and shoes that have us praying for somewhere to sit down as soon as possible, carry with it an element of stress. We all want to choose the right outfit, the one that flatters our individuality, showing off our favourite body parts, whilst being glamorous from the beginning of the day, all the way through to the end.

We all have gorgeous bodies, so the key when choosing the best outfit for a day out at the races is to decide what to show and what to cover. The best advice I have been given, when it comes to glamorous dressing, is that too much skin can be just that. Best to show off the best and be modest about the rest.

If you love your arms and neckline, then a dress or top with a halter neck or plunging neckline might suit you best. Whereas, if it is your legs and calves that you appreciate most, you may want to find a dress that subtly draws the eyes, perhaps a high waisted skirt or skirt with a side split. Try to avoid both a low neckline and overly exposed legs, the theme is glamour.

To look your best in your chosen outfit it might be time to head to the gym to look and feel amazing. We all have different body types that we can shape to take advantage of our natural beauty, and in order to look our best we should look to the best for advice.

This where Stephen takes back the reins to give you some training tips. He’s been doing this for over a decade, so although he may roll his eyes at my Makeup and fashion chat, he knows how to get someone into great shape.

Ladies Ladies Ladies,

All I can say is I’m glad Sarah is here to talk to you about all that mumbo jumbo. I’m here to give you a few little training tips to add into your routine over the next couple off weeks, to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on Ladies Day at Perth Racecourse.

The following is a brief guideline of how to train depending on what you wish to steal the eye with:

Back and arms and chest:

* Look for a backless dress or top, a halter neck or off the shoulder gown.

Lat pull downs superset with tricep extensions and perhaps even some cheeky bicep curls can really help to sculpt and define. Push ups and dips can aid you to develop your strength and can help you say bye bye to the “second wave” or “bingo wings”, ensuring you look lovely and feel empowered and glamorous.

Glutes and hamstring and calves:

* Look for a skirt or dress that accentuates your curves and flatters your shapely legs.

Squats and deadlifts are a girl’s best friend if she wants a curvaceous backside and shapely legs. Skipping is also wonderful for your calves and great cardio. Russian split squats, leg extensions and hamstring curls can all help you to look and feel your best in any outfit.

Remember the best way to look glamorous is to feel glamorous, be proud of the body you have and work hard to make it the best version of you that you can be.