Set EXCITING goals

Setting goals can be a very exciting process.



It’s exciting to know that within the time period you give yourself that you are going to achieve something that you currently don’t have.

Whether that’s fitting into that jean size you always talk about wanting to be, or just to have less overhang on the jeans you currently wear.

Your goal might not be related too how much body fat you have. It may be you just want to be able to sleep through the night with out waking up (which I’ve helped several people with) or it might not be health and fitness related at all. Your goals might be around your finances or family life.


Whatever your goal you MUST BELIEVE that it’s possible. You must be able to see yourself achieving it and feel how it feels. Otherwise you will spend your life wishing.

I also like statistics.

Statistically those who wait until January to start their new health regime are less likely to achieve their goals than those who start before. Likewise, when you say “I’ll start on Monday” the same stasis apply.


Set a goal that excites you…

Visualise yourself achieving this goal in as much detail as possible…

Get to work on it NOW.

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