The Cheapest & Easiest Way To Lose Weight… Ever!

The Cheapest & Easiest Way To Lose Weight… Ever!

Simply eating less does not cost more or take more time.

We all know that losing weight is about eating less than your body needs. Calories are energy. If you eat more calories than you expend, the extra will be stored. If you eat fewer calories than you expend, you’ll chip away at your extra bodyweight.

So why do so many people make it difficult? If the fundamental goal of weight loss is creating a deficit… why do people spend time and money on it?

The easiest and cheapest way to lose weight is to do nothing. Let me explain.

Eating less actually takes less time, and saves money. If you simply decide not to have that snack, or to wait until your next meal, you will save. It won’t cost you anything. You won’t spend time buying, making, preparing, or finding the food. You won’t need the time to eat it, or to wash up afterwards.

Eating calories you don’t need actually takes effort!

So… just don’t do it. Don’t have that snack, those seconds, or detour on the way home to grab something to eat.

You’ll have more money in your wallet, and more time to be productive. And – of course – you’ll have created more of a calorie deficit in your day.

Wins all round!

This approach takes a shift in priorities, and a little planning. But it actually frees up time, thinking time, and all that time you’d otherwise spend on eating. And it’s really effective for people who are motivated by seeing progress happen in black and white!

1 Sit and write down all the times you would eat during a regular day. Be honest. This isn’t about judging yourself. It’s a fact-find mission

2 Now put an approximate monetary figure against each meal, snack, or drink (even if it’s a homemade meal, or bowl of cereal out of the box)

3 Write down the amount of time you spend going out to buy the food (if it’s a spur of the moment thing), and how long it takes to make, cook, prep, and wash up after

4 Finally, add the amount of time you spend eating it

I’ve done this exercise myself, and helped dozens of clients work through it. At a guess, I’d say every “fancy coffee” from a coffee shop costs £3.50 and takes up 30 minutes of your day (don’t forget about the queuing and waiting around). Each midmorning snack costs anything from £1 to £5 and takes between 10 minutes and an hour (I know people who will walk or drive to a local shop just for a snack they don’t really need). Seconds after dinner could cost £5-£10 and add another 30-60 minutes to your day. 

It’s all money you could be saving, and time you could be using for work, family time, exercise, or sleep!

Amazing, isn’t it? Look at all that money you could save, time you could claw back, and energy you could put towards something more constructive.

And remember: for every bit of food you decide NOT to eat, you are saving on calories. The very calories you are trying to cut back on in the first place.

See: losing weight does not have to cost you time or money. Quite the opposite.

What are you going to do with all the time and cash you save with this super simple approach? (Maybe put it towards some new clothes…because you’ll soon be down a dress size or two!)

This is an example of how we make weight loss simple and realistic for busy people. See how we can help you – get in touch by email or phone 07883 060 108

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