Why 90% of Your Diet Should Be Whole Foods

whole foodsYour world is filled with people/companies trying to sell you their products.  

If you are conscious about your weight (which if you are reading this then you probably are) then your subconscious will be more susceptible to influences of ‘diet’ products.

As a general rule of thumb,  if something needs a marketing team behind it then it should probably not be a part of your diet or if it does then it should be a very small part.

The reason for this is simple.. Ish.

Natural food, as long as it’s balanced will come with everything your body needs to be healthy.

Protein, healthy fats, carbs, fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants. If that list confuses you a little then even more reason to eat more natural, one ingredient foods.

A variety of whole foods should keep most essential nutrients topped up.

You should also consider digestive enzymes.

The food you eat is broken down with the use of digestive enzymes. Most of these enzymes are produced by the body and some come with the food you are eating.

Most processed foods will be void of enzymes as it allows for a longer shelf life. (Enzymes cause things to rot). If you have a healthy digestive system then a little enzyme-deficient food now and again isn’t going to bother you.

However, the more of this type of food that is in your diet the more your digestive system will struggle to break down the food you are eating and therefore will not be fully digested.

This results in a lack of essential nutrients that your body needs to fuel your metabolism, build lean muscle mass, increase bone density as well as a whole host of other microprocesses that your body goes through to keep you healthy.

The bottom line is it will encourage fat storage

By consuming a diet that is 90% whole, one-ingredient natural foods that are easily broken down by the body is the path to more energy, more muscle mass, increased energy, better skin, better mood…. I could go on for a while here but you get my point.

That leaves 10% for the small things in life that accompany a good diet and more importantly, a good life.

Maybe some dark chocolate, a few questionable ingredients  while eating out, the occasional dessert, a glass of wine or a nip of 25 year old Glenlivet.

This is, after all, a lifestyle change and so should be sustainable. Where would we be without  the small pleasures in life. The problem comes when the volume of this type of food and drink increases.

Keep it to 10% of your entire diet and you should be fine.

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