Is Group Personal Training the Right Option For You?

Have ever seen group personal training advertised but haven’t followed up on your enquiry?

Maybe you are unsure if it is appropriate for you, or if the benefits you will receive are worth the investment?

If so, then this article is for you…

Group personal training is normally in a team of no more than four people. Within this environment, you get a coach who is there specifically to ensure you improve your fitness and reach your lifestyle goals.

Sometimes in the normal gym environment we become overwhelmed or intimidated – unsure of how to use the machinery, what exercises you should be doing, for how long, or at what weight.

Unless you attend a structured program, it becomes all too easy to make excuses and skip days or even weeks at the gym. Before long you are left wondering what you are even paying for.

When you commit to a structured program, one key advantage is you work with other people. Often you find others who have the same goals, interests and objectives as you and they become your accountability partners.

This sense of camaraderie is crucial to a long-term commitment to your fitness.

Finding a group of like-minded people who enjoy getting fit and encourage and motivate you to keep training is the best thing you can do to achieve fitness success.

However, just because you have found a circle of gym friends does not mean you will reach your fitness goals.

If you are part of a large class of people with one trainer who is reading from a script and running a class that is the same format every week, then often there is little time to ask questions about your movements or double check if you are moving correctly.

Sometimes you can be overlooked entirely.

These generic classes, whilst fun and great for getting you moving, can limit your progress and eventually leave you bored.

That is where group personal training comes in. You get the camaraderie and accountability you need and in your small groups you are sure to make good friends and find the support you are looking for.

In addition to this you get a personal trainer who knows your name, your goals and the level you are currently at and are aiming to get to.

There is time to ask questions and be involved in planning goals.

Group training is tailored and personal, it is not from a script and it will constantly challenge you.

You have the benefit of a trainer who is experienced and creative as well as the opportunity to make friends to share the experience with.

Does it cost more to pay for a gym membership you never use, or is it better to commit to a lifestyle change that will guarantee you motivation, accountability and the physical improvements that have evaded you in a normal gym environment?    

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